Sunday, June 06, 2010

This is the first of a three part blog on writing a GED Essay. Part one will be the introduction. Part two is the body of the paragraph. Part three is the conclusion. Feel free to comment.

Sample Essay Topic: If you were given a large sum of money with the stipulation that you could not spend any of it on yourself, your family or your friends...... to what worthy cause would you donate it and why? Write an essay 200 - 250 words explaining to what cause you would donate the money and why.

Introduction Paragraph:

Has anyone in your family died of cancer? Do you know anyone who has had cancer? I would guess that the answer is yes. If I would be given a large sum of money and could not spend it on myself, my family, or my friends, I would donate it to the American Cancer Society. My three main reasons are the following: first, I have family who have died from cancer; second, the American Cancer Society could use the money for research; and finally, with research lives might be saved.

(next post will be the body of the essay)

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