Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Of the five GED tests, one of the most difficult would be the GED Writing tests. Most of the students that I work with will say that they need help with the GED Writing test. Even students who write at work will comment that they need HELP!

There are different ways to approach studying for the GED Writing test. My preferred way is to find a good grammar/mechanic book and work through it with the student. In addition, teach the 5-paragraph essay format.

As the student learns how to brainstorm and write the essay, you can take the opportunity to reteach some of the grammar and mechanics.

If the student cannot come and study with you, they should get a good GED book. I personally like the Steck Vaughn series.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A compound sentence is a sentence that is made up of two sentences joined together with a comma and a word like and, but, or, yet.

Each sentence has it's own complete thought with a subject and verb.

Example: Samantha went to the store. Samantha saw her best friend Sally at the store.

Join them together and you have............

Samantha went to the store, and she saw her best friend Sally.

Another Example: Grandfather Fred quit smoking. Grandfather Fred ate healthy.

Join them together and you have...........

Grandfather Fred quit smoking, and he ate healthy.